About Us

About us

About Us

Your Mortgage Decisions is a company with specialist mortgage consultants who have a market leading breadth of knowledge and experience gained from working within the industry, and who have access to the UK's leading mortgage lenders.

Our aim is simple, and the same as yours: to put you on track to repay your mortgage in a time frame that is suitable for you.

We specialise in remortgaging and reviewing your overall finances from a short term and long term perspective to ensure everything is achievable and affordable.

Why Choose Us?

So, how are Your Mortgage Decisions going to help you save money?

By Raising capital for your home improvements and finding you the lowest mortgage rates. Taking a fresh stance in our industry by providing a friendly and personal service. We are happy to work around you, with appointments at home, in the evening or even at the weekend if you prefer.

We look at and explain every aspect of your mortgage so that when you make a decision, you make the right one for you. At Your Mortgage Decisions we search the UK mortgage market to find you the best deals for your specific situation and needs. Contact us and one of our fully qualified, professional consultants will be happy to advise you and help you through the entire process or discuss the best options available to you.

Finally, our primary concern is helping you with the bigger picture. We look at your assets and liabilities, your long-term financial needs, how your mortgage can work smartly alongside other financial commitments, and all of this is lifelong advice. And, to ensure a fully rounded service, we can refer you to external Will and Estate Planning specialists, to ensure your wealth only goes to those you wish to benefit.
Value for money is built into everything we do at Your Mortgage Decisions.

Our Process

To get your remortgage up and running we will work with you on a series of questions about your exact circumstances. This assesses your ability to remortgage in the current market, and with well over 10,000 different mortgage products and rates available on the market, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. What works for the Smiths at no. 87 may not necessarily be best for the Browns at no. 83, but could be great for the Jones family at no.12.

Your Mortgage Decisions offer a holistic service based on your lifestyle and financial aspirations. In the comfort of your home, over the phone, or wherever suits you best, our team will meet with you, listen to you and carefully assess your circumstances before giving you detailed financial advice.

Even if you have debts, it's also possible that the Your Mortgage Decisions can help you break your debt cycle with bespoke positive financial planning. Whatever you are trying to achieve, it is our goal to help make it a positive experience.

And, of course, following our initial advice and recommendations, we are pleased to provide an ongoing service - without further fee.

About us Our consultants have, between them, more than 250 years experience in the mortgage industry

What Our Customers Can Rely On

When you deal with Your Mortgage Decisions, you're getting access to our team of experienced consultants. All of us are dedicated to providing you with advice on mortgages from a comprehensive range of products and from the leading mortgage lenders, except those that can only be obtained by going directly to a lender, along with select advice on protection in order to suit all your financial needs.

Fair and honest treatment of all our customers is central to the way we work. We will consistently provide you with clear information and keep you fully informed at all stages of our continued service.

Pension advice and Estate planning are provided through our external wealth management and estate planning partners, and we are directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Click HERE to read the FCA's consumer website "Money Made Clear".
Will and Estate Planning is not regulated by the FCA.